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Air Cargo Security - a challange for your company

Currently, a large number of status and aviation security designations are drawing companies’ attention, leaving them somewhat concerned.  Known Consignors, Regulated Agents, Account Consignors, ACC3 – RA3 – KC3 – and so on…! All of them pursue the same objective: an improved Supply Chain Security – especially with regard to air cargo. Each one of them has different certification requirements, like Security Programs, for instance.  

We provide consulting for air cargo security

We can definitely offer you a tailored package of consulting services to support you on your way to become a Known Consignor / Regulated Agent or, from an international point of view, ACC3 – RA3 – KC3. Starting with a workshop assessing your current situation and on-site conditions, we can provide complete support solutions including government-sponsored all-inclusive packages.  

Feel free to use our callback service for establishing initial contact during a personal conversation.

Our services

  • Assessment of your on-site conditions
  • Recommendations for action to be taken
  • Facilitation of your application process  
  • Pre-audits
  • Expert monitoring of audits carried out by the appropriate aviation authority (LBA)
  • Conducting annual internal monitoring audits  
  • AOB bVSP Monitor
  • Preparation of Standard Operation Procedures
  • Professional training (also in-house) through our affiliate company EUWISA

Our topics

  • Known Consignors
  • Regulated Agents
  • Account Consignors
  • Known Suppliers
  • Regulated Suppliers
  • ACC3 
  • RA3
  • KC3




Known Consignor: managed best by using the AOB bVSP-Monitor!

AOB’s bVSP Monitor is our newly developed, software based expert system for compiling and maintaining Known Consignor security programs (bVSP) in a superior way. From data capturing to the point of continuous monitoring, the bVSP Monitor will reliably lead you through each of the necessary steps. Your security program (bVSP) can be compiled and managed in a professional way – especially when your company has more than one location where activities with relevance to air cargo security are being carried out.

For detailed information concerning the AOB bVSP-Monitor, please send us an e-mail to